Implementing ISO 17100 course

TM-Global have published an online training course, Implementing ISO 17100. This course is for people in translation companies who want to achieve ISO 17100 certification. The 10 module course cost €55 and you will have access to the course for an 8 week period.


Implementing ISO 17100 course

There are 10 modules:

Module 1 Introduction to ISO 17100

Module 2 ISO 17100 section by section Part 1

Module 3 ISO 17100 section by section Part 2

Module 4 ISO 17100 Translation Project

Module 5 Differences between EN 15038 and ISO 17100

Module 6 Developing workflow documentation for ISO 17100

Module 7 Preparing for the audit

Module 8 The internal audit part 1

Module 9 The internal audit part 2

Module 10 The ISO 17100 audit


The trainer is Peter Reynolds who was project editor for ISO 17100 and has worked in the translation industry for over 20 years.

To register for the course you should go to  and create a new account. When you log with your new account you will be able to register for the course and pay using PayPal. If you wish to pay using another method please contact us.